Why Bio Sculpture Gel?

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Bio Sculpture Gel is the ONLY 5 STAR SAFETY RATED nail system. As the original training based gel nail system, Bio Sculpture Gel produces award winning nail technicians world-wide. Nails can be shaped, lengthened, repaired and corrected. Bio’s UV & LED curable colours last for weeks and can be soaked off easily, leaving the natural nail undamaged and healthy.

Bio Sculpture Gel is FIVE FREE –meaning minimal dust with NO primers, bonders, odours or excessive buffing. Bio Sculpture Gel is free of any harmful chemicals including DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. Bio Sculpture is also completely animal cruelty free and 100% Vegan and NO animal products are used in any ingredients.

Bio Sculpture was founded by Elmien Scholtz in 1988 and is a proudly South African company, with the head office is situated in the heart of South Africa in the small town of Clocolan. The 3000sqm ultra-modern factory is an environmentally friendly building that climatises air flow, makes use of natural lighting and self-supportive water storage. Since then Bio Sculpture has grown in stature internationally and winning multiple international awards over the years, the system continuously produces award winning nail technicians all over the world.

Bio Sculpture Gel has a variety of different Treatment Gels that will protect and enhance natural nails, including a high viscosity Base Gel, a variety of Strengthening Gels, Sculpting Gels and Building Gels. Gloss Gel is a scratch resistant, high-gloss final layer to finish all Gel treatments, specifically for:

  • Sensitive nails & skin
  • Brittle/flaky nails can be restored.
  • Ripped or split nails can be repaired by securing the tear with silk and Bio Sculpture Base Gel, followed by a Gel overlay of choice.
  • Short and broken nails can easily be lengthened to strong, natural looking nails by using a nail form and Free-Edge Gel.
  • Even severely bitten nails can be lengthened successfully by using silk and Bio Sculpture Base Gel on a Nail Form, followed by a Gel overlay of choice.

Bio Sculpture Gel offers a range of treatments, and currently we offer standard Bio Sculpture Gel Overlay in colour or French.