Treat dry and dehydrated skin this winter with QMS Medicosmetics

QMS FacialWith the colder weather, your skin is likely to get drier. Dehydrated skin always looks older than it is so it is important to keep moisture levels replenished particularly when the seasons change. Le Bleu Beauty Studio & Skin Clinic in Somerset West has some fantastic products and treatments on offer to keep your skin moisturized and replenished this winter!

The studio is a proud QMS Medicosmetics stockist and the QMS Moisturizer Collection has something for everyone. From the high-tech Ion Skin Equalizer duo and advanced Cellular Marine to the core collection of the intensely nourishing Moisturizing Balance, the protecting and regenerating 24H. Cream or the lightweight Liquide Proteins (perfect for younger skin and loved by men too) and then there is the bestselling and much loved Sport Active Cream that is a hit all around the world.

“Avoid a moisturizer with high water content and use one that fits the skin’s behaviour patterns i.e. one that protects during the day and at night, work with the natural regenerative process” says Dr. med. Erich Schulte, founder of QMS Medicosmetics. “Multi-tasking hydrators that help the skin to regenerate rather than just plump it temporarily offer a longer term benefit. Other key factors are lifestyle; conditions of low humidity or if you spend lots of time outdoors make it important to use the right moisturizer.” 

Since launching in 1986 Dr. Schulte has revolutionized the way we treat and care for our skin. He found that one of the best ways to address the skin’s moisture levels and reverse the appearance of skin ageing is to address the loss of collagen. Collagen is the most important protein in the skin it can store approximately 300 time its own molecule weight in moisture and is vital to the skin’s elasticity. The founding QMS product was the Classic Collagen Set. This unique set combines Day and Night Collagen serums featuring 70% natural soluble collagens with Exfoliant Fluid, a highly effective peeling system formulated from different fruit acids and enzymes.

Book for your QMS Medicosmetics facial at Le Bleu Beauty Studio & Skin Clinic, and our expert aestheticians will preform a detailed skin analysis and advise on the best products to use for your unique skin requirements.