Quantum Physics & Essential Oils

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Quantum Physics & Essential Oils

The next time someone asks you what an essential oil can do, you can give then two answers. You  can choose  to  give  them  the scientific description of the elements of the oil and the health benefits that are produced. Or, you can help them understand the quantum physics approach to the health benefits of essential oils.

Essential oils are natural organic substances which are produced in various parts of plants. Through the process of distillation, a simple essential oil undergoes a process of metamorphosis into a complex essential oil. Complex, because during the distillation process a number of new chemicals are formed by hydrolysis thus creating a whole new unique spectrum of chemical constituents.

Each essential oil, based upon these chemical constituents has a unique aroma as well as specific medicinal value. E.g.  Lavender is soothing to the mind, is useful during stressful periods due to its content of a chemical known as Linalool.  As an aroma, most individuals have a positive association and hence its ability to soothe and comfort.

When we smell lavender, for instance, its aroma enters our nasal passageway and an electro-chemical impulses is sent to the brain that interprets and perceives the odour.  Impulses also reach the limbic system where olfactory signals activate smell related emotions and behaviours. Once the limbic system has received the odour impulse, it makes instant decisions and directs the resulting integrated somatic and sensory activity.

The limbic system is considered to be one of the oldest aspects of the human brain. According to quantum physics, at a subatomic level, matter and energy are interchangeable.  Essential oils are therefore able to facilitate mind/body healing via their direct access into the limbic region of the brain.

What quantum physics is teaching us is that human thought and human intent affect the behaviour of electrons.  Since every chemical and neural process in the human body involves the activity of electrons, we see that our bodily functions are not simply matters of traditional chemistry and classical physics – they are mental, emotional, and spiritual as well. 

Aromatic substances have a direct impact upon our perception of the world and emotions. It is known that the same essential oil will have different effects on different people, and the usual explanation is that different people have different chemistries. But the real determining factor as to which potential action will manifest is definitely also affected by the attitudes of the receiver. Our thoughts won’t change the chemistry of an oil, but our thoughts can determine which aspects of the chemistry of that particular oil will work in our bodies.

Essential oils are merely a packet of possibilities and in a category all of their own—above and beyond  the  simple drugs, antibiotics, and antibacterial agents marketed by pharmacists and physicians. Essential  oils  have  been  available  on  earth  since  the  creation  of  plant  life  and  are  imbued  with the qualities and intent of their creator.

This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; but rather to inform readers about current scientific research into the many benefits of essential oils. Always seek expert advice before using essential oils.