Why Le Bleu?

Our philosophy is in sourcing only natural and organic ingredients and we don’t use any artificial colourants or chemicals. We do not shy away from using cutting edge scientific research, ingredients and techniques if they are good for the environment and safe to use on our bodies. In fact, science is re-discovering the amazing healing properties of many natural ingredients.

Essential oils are natural organic substances which are produced in various parts of plants. Through the process of distillation, a simple essential oil undergoes a process of metamorphosis into a complex essential oil. Each essential oil has a unique aroma as well as main medicinal value, but consists out of a spectrum of chemical constituents. As each person’s chemical makeup is unique, the same essential oil will have different effects on different people. That means essential oils can respond to each person’s individual needs, whereby artificial chemicals can usually only do one specific thing.

Our key beliefs:

  • Our range of products is handcrafted with love in small batches to the highest quality of standards.
  • Our products truly deliver visible and measurable results.
  • While it is not always possible to offer natural products in raw form; we do keep processing and preservatives to an absolute minimum.
  • We always stay up to date on the latest research and trends from the beauty world to develop new and exciting products.
  • Science vs. nature – we believe they actually complement each other and we bring you the best of both worlds.
  • We source products from reputable and accredited sources all over the world.
  • We try to use only recyclable and sustainable packaging.