Featured Artist: Vincent de Beer

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Vincent de Beer

Born in Pretoria on March 10th, 1989. Chinese year of the snake, the fall of the Berlin Wall and 100 years after Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The latter day Vincent’s artistic endeavours started at an early age, from drawing in church on Sundays, coaxing in people to buy small works on pieces of paper and playing endlessly with Lego. His talent developed through art classes at Pretoria Alphen Park High School and Garsfontein Primary, where he won numerous awards, where some of his teachers foretold his future success as an artist.

A critical life intervention was his family’s decision to migrate to Cape Town in 1998, where he further developed his art and understanding of popular culture. Attending De Hoop Primary followed by Parel Vallei High School, he matriculated in 2007 with distinction, despite dropping art as a subject since he believed in a non-indoctrinated approach to art.

In 2010 Vincent enrolled into architecture school at the University of Cape Town where he obtained his Bachelors degree at the end of 2012, a formative time in which his philosophical outlook on art, design and architecture matured. From here on he worked at multiple architecture firms whilst maintaining a steady output of works, including furniture making and sculpture. In 2017 he continued his architectural studies and graduated with a masters degree in architecture in the summer of  2018.

Having recently decided to take up art as a profession in conjunction with his architectural career, Vincent has stepped away from commercial practice and now works on bespoke projects and art work from his home studio. He has featured in numerous art shows, auctions and publications. As well as doing private  commissions, he continually creates and experiments with different media and techniques that result in a unique set of works available to the general public.

Some of Vincent’s work on display: