Featured Artist: Jolene Newbery

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Jolene Newbery

Jolene Newbery (Jo) is a local artist living in Strand. She was involved with art from a young age, and even went to Bloemhof Girls High for their art program. She didn’t enjoy the formal art curriculum at school, but rather preferred creating and being creative on her own.

Over the years she has worked with clay and even wood, and only a year ago stumbled into stippling and has found a real passion for this. Stippling or dot work is art or process of drawing, painting, or engraving using numerous small dots or specks. She uses only a quill and ink to create her beautiful art and each artwork is painstakingly done with love and takes a long time to complete. The end result speaks for itself and you really need to view it up close to appreciate the intricate detail.

Some of Jolene’s work currently on exhibit: