Featured artist: Doug Phillips

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Doug Phillips
Doug Phillips is from Pringle Bay, South Africa

I find inspiration in many places and my favorite destinations to paint are Paternoster and Cape Town’s Table Mountain. I also love the unique look and feel you get with rivers and rapids and still dream of traveling to Alaska to witness and paint the Yukon River first hand. I create art because it allows me to unwind. I find creating art relaxes me in much the same way cooking does, providing a creative outlet and being able to share the results with others who appreciate it. I specialise in Acrylic and I focus mainly on Landscapes. I started with pastels and progressed quickly to acrylic but I soon realised that the oil medium creates a substantially more vibrant colour, even though it takes a long time to dry.

My art style would best be described as Monet Impressionism, and much like Claude Monet, who divided his focus between Impressionism and Modern Art, I find myself pushing the boundaries of my creativity and expression through Modern Art. I am motivated by wildlife photographer Paul Salvado, local artist R.S. Rossouw, and my son, Clyde Phillips. 

I’ve been creating art for over 34 years. I connect with the art community by engaging with various local and online galleries that share my passion for nature and art. My work can be seen online and on the walls of various homes, BnBs, and Galleries around the world which is extremely humbling.

When people see my work, I hope they experience a sense of adventure and a longing to travel or at the very least a happy memory that gives them a moment of happiness and joy.

Some of Doug’s available artwork: