Epigenetic Science from QMS Medicosmetics

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The impact of increasing levels of pollution can be seen in the health of skin on a global scale. The microscopic pollutant particles that can be found in the air (particularly in the more urbanised environments) are particularly damaging as they don’t just affect the surface of the skin but they can also penetrate into deeper layers and this is where the more long-lasting cellular harm is done. With a weakened defensive barrier, the skin can become prone to irritations, dehydration, increased sensitivity and premature aging. This compromise to our skin’s health can start at a very early age.

Epigenetics describes the physiological reprogramming that occurs in the cell without changing the DNA sequence. All cells in your body have the same genome, different genes are activated or deactivated at different times; external or environmental factors are particularly known for their ability to negatively impact our genes. The science of Epigenetics provides us with a greater understanding of the functionality of genes and when used in skincare helps us to deliver greater accuracy and efficacy.

Through studying the science of Epigenetics, we understood how this biological process could provide more targeted skin improving benefits. Our new anti-pollution EpiGen Daily-Detox Serum, combines the ability to help accelerate regeneration of the epidermis, activate the cellular cleaning process to detox the skin from pollutants, assist in DNA repair and deliver a longer-lasting protection. Key to this advanced rejuvenating formulation is an Epigenetic-Peptide which stimulates cell migration and proliferation and allows skin to recover its integrity more quickly. Epigenetic science opens the door for a new era in skincare development.

Epigenetics simplified


Epigenetics affects how genes (DNA) produces proteins (building blocks of life). Aging leads to chemical modification of our genes and can turn certain genes off or alter their efficacy over time. Epigenetics can reverse the genes state and keep the good while eliminating the bad; therefore, slowing down aging.

QMS Medicosmetics is at the forefront of this technology using Epigenetic-Peptide to repair and protect our DNA, offer antioxidant protection against free radicals, regenerates and restructures the epidermis and restores the skin’s protective barrier – ultimately reversing signs of aging and promoting youthful radiance.

Which products in QMS Medicosmetics incorporates the science of Epigenetics?

Epigen Daily Detox Serum:

What is it? An advanced rejuvenating formulation that contains the Epigenetic peptide that combines the ability to help accelerate regeneration of the epidermis, activate the cellular cleaning process to detox the skin from pollutants, assist in DNA repair and provide a longer-lasting protection.

What does it do? This serum strengthens the skin’s defensive barrier to become less prone to irritations, dehydration, congestion, pigmentation and premature aging.  Give your skin a power boost every morning by applying this serum under your favourite QMS Moisturizer.

Who is it for? Highly recommended for all skin types but especially premature aging, smokers, skins affected by highly polluted environments, sun damaged and mature skin.

Epigen Pollution Overnight Mask:

What is it? A luxurious multi-active foam mask with a powerful formulation inspired by the epigenetics to alleviate stress in skins affected by pollution and UV light. 

What does it do? Tired skin is instantly radiant, expression lines are softened with the effective muscle relaxing ingredients, hormonal breakouts are calmed down as cortisol levels are reduced and super nourishing herbal oils get rid of dryness and dullness. 

Who is it for? All skin types.  Apply and sleep away the day’s stress!