Product Launch! Advanced Protection Hand & Nail Butter

Hydrating • Antifungal & Antibacterial • Infused with Essential Oils

This rich moisturising hand & nail butter can be used daily and is suitable for all skin types and offers natural protection against nail fungi and bacteria.

The natural beeswax cream base; with virgin coconut oil, avocado oil and Rooibos extract hydrates dry skin and is infused with the following essential oils to help protect your hands and nails:

  1. Rosehip Oil: firms skin, removes age and dark spots, fades scars, hydrates & exfoliates.
  2. Emu Oil: contains vitamins A & E and omega oils 3, 6, 7 and 9 for skin repair.
  3. Ylang Ylang: calming and mood enhancer, easing inflammation & antiseptic, nervine with pleasing fragrance.
  4. Bergamot: citrus oil to help treat problem skin and itching.
  5. Rose Geranium: cicatrisant to help fade scars & spots, natural deodorant & skin tonic.
  6. Lavender: skin detox and improves blood circulation.
  7. Patchouli: relieves depression, soothes inflammation, prevents infections, astringent, speeds up healing, stimulates blood circulation & inhibits fungal growth.
  8. Neroli: perfect for cell regeneration, treat age spots and scars and beautifully fragrant.
  9. Tea Tree: stops nail fungus, antibacterial, antiseptic and boosts wound healing and soothe skin inflammation.

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Le Bleu Advanced Protection Hand & Nail Butter