QMS 24H Cream 50ml
QMS 24H Cream – 50ml
A clever moisturizer with a built-in clock, during the day it protects whilst at night it relaxes and regenerates the skin.
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QMS Advanced Intensive Eye Care 15ml
QMS Advanced Intensive Eye Care – 15 ml
Developed for the sensitive skin around the eyes natural firming extracts and intensely moisturizing ingredients work together to rejuvenate the eye area.
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QMS Classic Set 3 x 30ml
QMS Classic Collagen Set 3 x 30 ml
Our Classic Collagen Set has been re-developed to include new ingredients and an innovative Neotec A15® complex, making this unique skincare system even more effective in reducing the signs of aging and loss of elasticity in the skin.
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QMS Day Collagen 30ml
QMS Day Collagen Repair – 30 ml
This advanced day collagen serum is designed to hydrate, protect and help strengthen the skin's defences against free radicals.
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QMS Deep Cleansing 200ml
QMS Deep Cleansing – 200 ml
Formulated without mineral oils this highly effective cleansing emulsion is both intense and gentle in the removal of pore-clogging impurities from the skin.
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QMS Exfoliant Fluid 30ml
QMS Exfoliant Fluid – 30 ml
A gentle and highly effective exfoliation featuring a unique peeling system of fruit acids and enzymes, which combine to dissolve dead skin cells and accelerate cellular regeneration. ​
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QMS Freshening Tonic 200ml
QMS Freshening Tonic – 200 ml
For optimal cleansed skin this gentle purifier balances the skin's natural acid mantle to leave it feeling soft and fresh.
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QMS Hydro Foam Mask – 150 ml
QMS Hydro Foam Mask – 150 ml
Intensely hydrating this foam mask soaks into the skin within minutes. Silk proteins restore moisture balance making fine lines disappear, Hyaluronic acid leaves skin soft and silky while the anti-inflammatory Jojoba oil calms skin (even from sunburn). Pure relaxation for stressed skin.
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QMS Med Set 3 x 30ml
QMS MED Collagen Set – 3 x 30 ml
Specially designed for sensitive and problematic skin our MED Collagen Set features a unique 3-part skincare system specifically developed to reduce the signs of aging and loss of elasticity in the skin.
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QMS Dermabrasive Gel 30ml
QMS Med Dermabrasive Gel – 30 ml
The sensitive formulation of this fruit acid and enzyme peeling system is designed to dissolve dead skin cells, accelerate cellular regeneration, clear blocked pores and calm the skin.
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QMS Moisturizing Balance 50ml
QMS Moisturizing Balance – 50 ml
Developed for dry and stressed skin, this intensively moisturizing cream has the special benefit of DNA protection.
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QMS Night Collagen 30ml
QMS Night Collagen Repair – 30 ml
Specifically developed to work with the skin's regenerative process at night, this rejuvenating collagen serum helps to restore tonicity and reduce fines lines and wrinkles.
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QMS Repair 3 Complex 30ml
QMS Repair 3 Complex – 30 ml
The revolutionary cream-serum formulation of Repair 3 Complex has been specifically designed to help reduce redness and relieve irritation in the skin.
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QMS Sport Active Cream 30ml
QMS Sport Active Cream – 30 ml
A lightly tinted day cream with SPF that works with every skin tone to create an even and glowing complexion.
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