Limited time! DermaFix Chemical Peels at Le Bleu Beauty Studio

Le Bleu DermaFix Chemical Peel

Winter is the best time for a chemical peel and with summer around the corner, book for your chemical peel before the end of August. Chemical peels can assist in the treatment of:
Fine Lines • Wrinkles • Acne • Pigmentation • Sun Damage

Choose from either:
Light Peel (AHA) for R450 – 45 min (1 to 2 days recovery time)
Progressive Peel (TCA) + Vitamin A Boost for R595 – 60 min (7 to 10 days recovery time)

FREE! All chemical peels comes with a free 7-day post treatment ENZYME MASQUE (30 min)!

How does it work?

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) work by exfoliating the skin to slough the dead surface cells away. This is done by loosening the glue-like substance that binds skin cells together, allowing the peel to penetrate at a much deeper level and increase the level of exfoliation intensity.

Our peels vary depending upon the essential exfoliating ingredients, percentage of active ingredients, the delivery system and the peels PH level. If you haven’t had a glycolic peel before, we suggest popping into our salon prior to your appointment to allow us to assess your skin. Different products are suited to different skin types and concerns, so it’s important that we are able to carefully look at your skin before performing your treatment.

What to expect:

Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and primed prior to your peel, so your face is free from any lingering make-up, oils or bacteria. The peel solution is then applied to your skin and left for a period of time, dependent on the specific peel type. During the peel time, your skin may feel a touch itchy or prickly, especially if there are areas of breakouts. Your Therapist will be with you at all times monitoring and gently brushing the area and assist with any areas of itchiness. Once the peel has activated and delivered the required treatment, it is either cleansed away, neutralised or left to self-neutralise.

We finish your treatment with moisturiser and SPF, and can also apply mineral make up if you wish. Depending on the peel you choose with your Therapist, you should be able to return to work or play straight away.

How many treatments do I need?

With just one treatment you will experience a brightening effect, as well as textural smoothing. If you want longer lasting results we advise you start with a course of treatments. Most clients who get peels will have a series of them every 2-4 weeks and periodically repeat that sequence. Because they are mild the immediate results are subtle but with repeated treatment over time a big difference can be seen.

For bookings please contact us on:
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