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Introducing Dermosonic Ultrasound and NIST

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What is Dermosonic?

Dermosonic was cleared by the FDA as a safe technology for the treatment of cellulite. Dermosonic combines two different technologies to remove cellulite: ultrasound and noninvasive subdermal therapy or NIST. The first energy, ultrasound, is ultra-high frequency sound wave energy. The frequency is so high that humans cannot hear it. It is also the same energy that is used to see fetuses during pregnancy, for example. The second energy, NIST, heats and stimulates the deep layers of skin and fat.

How does it work?

The ultrasound energy of Dermosonic is intended to shake apart the fibrous connections between pockets of cellulite. At the same time, fat cells inside of areas of cellulite are broken apart. While the ultrasound cannot be heard, it is still made up of sound waves. These sound waves penetrate the skin, and strike against fat cells and fibrous tissues like millions of tiny ocean waves. The tissue effectively shaken by these waves, several thousand times a minute, which heats and disrupts the cellulite.

The NIST phase of Dermosonic treatment comes second, mainly because its effect is greatly enhanced by the ultrasound treatment (pre-treatment). NIST employs gentle suction, gentle vibration and gentle rolling. These maneuvers work together to further disrupt these pockets of fat and cellulite. The suction stretches the pocket, elongating it. The suction also improves blood flow to and lymphatic drainage from the treated area. Any liquefied fat released from disrupted cellulite fat cells will be carried away.

The gentle vibration of NIST not only further weakens the fibrous bands between cellulite pockets, but it also makes the treatment feel like a massage. The rolling is also design to push and pull the protein bands between fat pockets.

Dermosonic Benefits

Dermosonic is a relaxing and painless treatment that:
– reduces the appearance of cellulite
– eliminates toxins and retained fluid
– assists in the treatment of stretch marks

This treatment is especially effective for the:
– stomach, thighs, buttocks & upper arms

Your face can also benefit from Dermosonic which helps:
– reduce wrinkles, scar tissue and irregular pigments
– plump up the skin for a more youthful look

Dermosonic Before and After

Treatment sessions with Dermosonic typically last about 45 min to an hour. Although some patients report results after the first procedure, a series of treatments is usually required for optimal results. Approximately 8-12 treatments are recommended one to two times per week. Follow-up treatments may be recommended in 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment program. The number of total treatments depends on the amount of cellulite in the treated areas and patient preferences.

Single Session Pricing:
Stomach (or Thighs & Buttocks) 45 min – R320
Face & Neck 30 min – R300

6 x Stomach (or thighs & Buttocks) – R1680 Save R240!
6 x Face & Neck – R1560 Save R240!

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